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Rio do Rastro Eco Resort

Rio do Rastro Eco Resort was designed and built with a basic principle: to create a place where to relax and have contact with nature in a direct and simple way. The facilities of the place offer you all the amenities you need to feel comfortable, and the best ways to explore the land on the sierra.

The Hotel

This place is ideal for those looking for adventure and/or peace. The architecture here makes you feel beyond the place with some kind of unrevealed mystery; here you can also enjoy the beautiful and magical nature. Located over Rio do Rastro sierra canyon, in a marvelous location.

"It was night when I arrived at the top of the Serra do Rio do Rastro, a thick fog and it seemed to be the end of the world. I was at the hotel under the covers and went to sleep thinking for which reason a person should come to this place. The next morning I could understand why. "

Source: Guest Book hotel.

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