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Rio do Rastro Eco Resort guests can enjoy several carefully planned trips and expeditions. Each day, they can choose some of the 20 expeditions. They should be chosen according to the climate, hostages’ wish, duration and difficulty level.

On foot, by horse, or on 4x4 trucks, and accompanied by our bilingual and experienced guides, we will be enraptured by the live nature of the Fields of Cima da Serra. On expeditions, there is a maximum of 10 people per guide with their corresponding equipment.


At Rio do Rastro, every day is a good day. Neither the sun nor the rain will frighten us. Some frost, wind, or a calm day, all is part of the experience. What matters is to be well equipped so as to enjoy all the adventures regardless the climate, and know that a cozy hotel is waiting for us on our return.
During the stay, we have several activities included. You can also book other special expeditions separately.

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