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Day at the Farm

Mate and Conversations

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The day starts with a good mate around the fire pit, which warms the body, soul and heart.

This time are counted the first "tales", stories and legends of mountain life.


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The Camargo, traditional Sierra Santa Catarina, is to get the milk from the cow directly on the enamel cup (iron) with black coffee, delicious!

Daily contact with horses

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The daily deals with horses, collect, process, brushing shearing, arrear, everything can be accompanied by guests including the children.

Our guides are prepared to teach everything and a good chat!

The Criollo Horse Cabanha

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The cabanha River Trail comes to 12 animals selecting elite Criollo has a small number of animals, but of high quality.

We have a stallion, Whisper Purunã - finalist brake gold in 2010, and others in partnership.

The new challenge is Hero Hunter creation Caramori friend Sandoval, who promises to make the name of race, today is the training center Morro Chato. Some animals are in the hotel, such as brood mares, the handling of the animals and especially the colts may be accompanied by guests and are a spectacle, where one can experience the mountain culture in its purest essence.