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SERRA CATARINENSE, gateway to the biome "camps up the mountain", affectionately nicknamed Brazilian Patagonia due to similarities in climate, flora and fauna of the same region of neighboring countries, is a unique ecosystem in Brazil, which delights! Conformation of 1500m above sea level and only 50km from the sea, causing a remarkable succession of varied colors and atmospheres atmospheres where every day you can have all 4 seasons

Majestic - this is the word that best defines the Serra do Rio do Rastro. The almost 1500m above sea level, it has 12 km of concrete and light and its total length and about 35 km. The highway is called SC 438 that starting from Shark, follows up Lages, linking the coastal cities SAW CATARINENSE OR PLATEAU SERRANO.Suas winding turns are in Lauro Muller Lookout and Observation in Bom Jardim da Serra.

Situated on top of Serra do Rio do Rastro on the banks of the São Joaquim National Park, Rio do Rastro Eco Resort is located overlooking the c, in canyon city of Bom Jardim da Serra, 230 km from the capital Florianópolis, the 28o23 'south latitude and 49o33 'west longitude. In this region the climate is temperate due to its its altitude, providing an average annual temperature of 12 ° C, with lows that have reached -17 ° C

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One of the surprises we will have in Rio do Rastro is its temperate climate due to its proximity to the sea, which will offer us many cold days because of its altitude. It is worth mentioning the varied atmospheres here which have different characteristics and a special brightness. The mist appears and disappears suddenly, creating the typical misty London setting, full of mystery. The melodious birds and the comforting quietness seem to join to help us recover from a hard day.

This is an exciting and captivating place: Each day you will experience the four seasons with a sky that will change its color and make the landscape look so magical that you will feel enchanted. In winter you can see the sunset from one side, and the moon up in the sky from the other, like a kind of celestial shine. In summer the climate is mainly damp with cool nights; in winter snow is expected with temperatures below zero every night. In spring you can enjoy the wildlife diversity, plants bloom; and in winter you will often see starry nights, in which the colorful landscape creates a unique setting.


The Ecosystem "Campos de Cima da Serra" is considered by many the Brazilian Patagonia, by its vegetation, climate and fauna unique in Brazil. Our fauna is characteristic of animals constiutuída altitude climate of which we highlight: Cougar or Lion buckskin, the graxaim (Sorro pampas), the zurrilho (American gamba), the curicaca, the jackdaws, hares, the seriemas, otter , the capybara among others, animals are easily spotted in the vicinity of the hotel, with the exception of the lion buckskin, which is amis aloof, and have to be very lucky to find it

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Graxaim, conhecido como Sorro

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Quatis no mirante da serra

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Gralha Azul, símbolo da Serra