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SERRA CATARINENSE, gateway to the biome "campos de cima da serra", lovingly dubbed the Brazilian Patagonia due to the similarities of climate, fauna and flora of the same region of neighboring countries, is a unique ecosystem in Brazil that enchants! Its conformation of 1500 m altitude and only 50 km from the sea, causes a remarkable succession of atmospheres of varied colors and atmospheres, where every day you can have the 4 seasons.

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Majestic - this is the word that best defines the road of the "Serra do Rio do Rastro" (Sierra of the River of Trace). At almost 1500 m above sea level, it has 12 km of reinforced concrete and its total length is approximately 35 km. The highway SC-438, part of "Tubarão", follows to "Lages", joining the cities of the coast to "SERRA CATARINENSE" or "PLANALTO SERRANO. Its sinuous curves are in the municipality of "Lauro Muller" and the Observatory, in "Bom Jardim da Serra" city.

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Situated on the top of the "Serra do Rio do Rastro" at the borders of the National Park of São Joaquim, the Rio do Rastro Eco Resort is located overlooking the canyons of the city of Bom Jardim da Serra, 230 km from the capital Florianópolis, at 28 ° 23 ' 41.8 "south latitude and 49 ° 33'16.2" west longitude. In this region the climate is temperate due to its altitude, providing an average annual temperature of 12 ° C, with minimum temperatures already reaching -17 ° c.

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One of the surprises of the Serra do Rio do Rastro is its climate, tempered by the proximity of the sea, and with many cold days a year, by altitude. Remarkable is the succession of atmospheres of varied characteristics and luminosity. The haze, which suddenly rises, is suddenly gone, taking us as it were to the typical London fogs, laden with mysteries. The early song of the birds, the comforting silence, seems to conspire for a good remaking of the hectic day-to-day.

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It is an exciting and attractive climate: every day the four seasons can be found, with a sky that transforms and dramatizes the landscape, to the point of reverence. In the middle of winter you can see the sunset on one side and the moon on the other, as if in a sort of celestial reflection. In the summer the humid climate prevails, with cool nights; In winter the expectation of snow is always great with negative temperatures almost every night. Spring brings the fecundity of the flora and the fauna, in a beautiful flower of the field; And autumn is marked by star-studded nights, where the color of the landscape forms a spectacle apart.

The "Campos de Cima da Serra" Ecosystem is considered by many to be the Brazilian Patagonia, due to its unique vegetation, climate and fauna in Brazil. Our fauna is made up of animals characteristic of the altitude climate, of which we can highlight: The Puma or "Leão Baio" (Puma concolor), the "Graxaim" (Lycalopex gymnocercus), the "Zorrilho" (Conepatus chinga), the "Curicaca" (Theristicus caudatus), the "Gralhas" (Cyanocorax caeruleus), the "Lebre" (Lepus, Caprolagus ou Pronolagus), the "Seriema" (Cariama cristata), the "Lontra" (Lutra longicaudis) , the "Capivara" (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris), among others. They are easily seen animals in the vicinity of the hotel, except for the bay lion, which is aloof, and you have to be very lucky to find it.

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