Rio do Rastro Eco Resort

Rio do Rastro Eco Resort was built and designed with a basic principle, to relax and get in touch with nature in a transparent and direct way. The facilities offer all the necessary amenities for your best comfort and the best means to explore the fields up the mountain range.

Our facilities

The structure of the place is specific to the options of those who seek to venture or rest. Architecture makes it possible to dwell in the remote, presenting a certain mystery without trying to unravel it, and still shows a nature both beautiful and enigmatic. Thus, overlooking the canyon of Serra do Rio do Rastro , for over a privilegiadíssimo panorama, Rio do Rastro Eco Resort aims to encourage a new way of traveling, proposing that every trip is a truly unique experience .

"It was night when I reached the top of the Serra do Rio do Rastro, the dense fog seemed to be at the end of the world. In the hotel cringed under the covers and went to sleep thinking for which reason a person should come to The next morning I could understand why. "

Source: Hotel Guest Book.