A life of dedication to Serra Catarinense

I do not know why, but the Serra do Rio do Rastro always fascinated me.

Perhaps because of its greatness that makes man reflect and find his place, so small before the force of nature.

Perhaps because of its height, it makes the man feel so close to the creator.

Maybe because of his vanity, because he changes clothes several times a day. It seems to be appearing for the most demanding public and that the script requires the exchange of the costume at the most uncertain times.

Perhaps because of the mystery that surrounds the stories of the treasures hidden by the Jesuits, or by the Screamer phenomenon.

Perhaps by the demonstration of what man can do when there is will and determination.

Sometimes, in our meetings, she is kind, tender and attractive. At other times she is aggressive and powerful, uniting all the forces of nature, seeming to impose her majesty, and when she chooses to cry, she does so copiously, with tears gracing her face in her marvelous waterfalls …

Ivan Cascaes - Owner and founder of Rio do Rastro Eco Resort, was for two consecutive terms chairman of the Sierra Santa Catarina Convention & Visitors Bureau, Current Chairman of the State Council of Tourism of Santa Catarina, lies in the hotel and makes it possible and impossible to receive their guests one by one, as if they were in your house!